SEO Summit 2020

Date: 22 - 23th June 2020
Time: 1 - 6pm
Venue: Online

Getting you updated with the latest SEO knowledges from the experts

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About the event

With our passion on SEO and get ranked in search engine.

SEO summit will be focusing on the tips, knowledges and cases from experienced SEOs from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.


Day Chow
如何將 SEO 流量轉變成為現金 (廣東話)

Hong Kong

熱衷於轉換的 Digital Marketer。


在過去,我和我的團隊建立了潛在顧客自動生成系統, 一個月內已經超過100個客人查詢,亦製作了超過50條影片,為網站吸引流量並帶來HKD1,500,000 以上銷售額。

James Tan
How Google My Business helps you to get better CTR and Leads (廣東話)


James Tan is a SEO consultant based in Malaysia since 2002. He has many practical hands-on SEO projects, having worked on more than 300 websites assisting each of them to reach higher search ranking on Google.

His client base includes government portals, international luxurious hotels, well-known job search portals, public listed companies and also SMEs. James Tan is also an external SEO consultant for various local web design and digital marketing companies in Malaysia

Ringo Li
我在 Google SEO 測試中的 4 - 8 個體會 (廣東話)

Hong Kong

由亞馬遜產品開始學習 SEO,先後多次遇上 Google 懲罰但死不了。曾經為研究演算法做了不少蠢事,包括負評自己、做 Google 認為不當的行為、花費超過 20 – 30 萬買連結。

電商 SEO 玩法框架 (普通話)


2011年開始網路創業後遇到銷售難題,便一路研究各種數位行銷手法。並且當初從完全零經驗的新手,到現在只要搜尋"數位行銷"等關鍵字,便能在台灣 Google 搜尋結果第一頁看到我的網站。


轉換 SEO 流量成為收入的「集客式營銷」系統 (廣東話)

Hong Kong


Bhanu Ahluwalia
Getting Started with the RankMath SEO Plugin (English)


Bhanu Ahluwalia is the co-founder of Rank Math and has created multiple successful businesses since he started back in 2009. He has been doing SEO for more than a decade, and he put all his learnings into the Rank Math SEO plugin to make it one of the most powerful SEO plugins for WordPress.

Adam Yong
如何在 Local SEO,快速增加 ROI (Return of Investment) 的技巧 (廣東話)


2011年開始提供SEO諮詢服務,專注幫本地企業(馬來西亞和新加坡)做Local SEO。近幾年,也建造了一些Lead Generation 網站,以出租或賣leads的方式,轉賣給本地公司。

Henry Hoe
How to Use Bloggers to Create High Quality Backlinks For Your eCommerce Store (English)


With Henry’s years of experience in eCommerce, you can learn how to make use of bloggers to generate many high quality backlinks to your site and push up your rankings on Google very quickly.

Henry Dalziel
4 Extremely Useful SEO Tools & My Favourite Blackhat Tool (English)

Hong Kong

Henry has been designing, building, indexing and trying to break websites since 2003. Henry has been doing SEO since 2003 and has a bunch of websites that dominate their niche.

In Hong Kong Henry has his own Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Agency called “Growth Hackers Hong Kong” which focuses on lead generation using automation and data scraping.

Ivan So
弄清楚搜尋意圖及關鍵字,迅速提升 Google 排名 (廣東話)

Hong Kong

15 年的經驗關於 SEO,WordPress 網站,電子商務方面,建造了 50 個網站來測試 SEO 性能,一些網站的表現非常好,最後賣給了不同的公司。


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Rank Up Content

中文 SEO 工具,增加內容相關到,獲取排名。


Ringo Li
Owlish Online Limited
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